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                                List of partner institutions of YNU

                                Updated: 2020-04-23

                                (Overseas and in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, 2013-2019)


                                King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi -- Thailand

                                Feng Chia University -- Taiwan 

                                Visva-Bharati University -- India

                                The New School -- the United States

                                Uni Magdeburg -- Germany

                                Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche -- Italy

                                University of north Texas -- the United States

                                Thammasat University -- Thailand

                                The October 6 University -- Egypt

                                Hannam University -- South Korea

                                University of Amiens -- France

                                Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & -- Taiwan

                                Ohio State University -- the United States

                                University of south China -- Taiwan

                                GEOPROGRESS NPO -- Italy

                                ESC Montpellier -- France

                                Hong Kong Baptist university -- Hong Kong

                                SHIH WING CHING FOUNDATION,United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia(UBCHEA) -- Hong Kong

                                Chicago - Kent Law School of Illinois Institute of Technology -- the United States


                                Hanoi University of Agriculture -- Vietnam

                                Hung Vuong University -- Vietnam

                                Hanoi University of Culture -- Vietnam

                                School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Hanoi National University -- Vietnam

                                Old Street Normal College -- Vietnam

                                Participation colleges in Honghe Forum -- Vietnam

                                I-shou University -- Taiwan

                                Humboldt State University -- the United States

                                Hannam University -- South Korea

                                Chinese Culture University -- Taiwan

                                University of Central Arkansas -- the United States

                                Fo Guang University -- Taiwan

                                Ariel University -- Israel

                                Otsuma Women's University -- Japan

                                University of Windsor -- Canada

                                National Taiwan University of Arts -- Taiwan

                                Yuan Ze University -- Taiwan

                                Missouri - Kansas City Law School -- the United States

                                Georgia Southwestern State University -- the United States

                                Universidad Austral de Chile -- Chile


                                Khon Kaen University -- Thailand

                                Electron, power and energy conversion center of University of Cambridge -- the United Kingdom

                                Mandalay International Studies University -- Myanmar

                                University of Tehran -- Iran

                                Chung Cheng University -- Taiwan

                                Mustapha International University -- Iran

                                Humanities and social science teaching materials research and writing organization of Iran University -- Iran

                                Visva Bharati University -- India

                                University of Windsor -- Canada

                                Central European Centre -- Germany

                                USEF -- the United States

                                Macquarie University -- Australia

                                IPAG Business College -- France

                                Malick Management Center -- Switzerland

                                Otsuma Women's University -- Japan

                                Dahka University -- Bangladesh

                                Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University -- Thailand

                                University of Valencia -- Spain

                                Saarland University -- Germany

                                University of Western Australia -- Australia

                                GMS National University Community --GMS

                                Indus University -- Pakistan

                                Western Carolina University -- the United States

                                Tel Aviv University -- Israel

                                Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology  -- Taiwan

                                Yuan Ze University -- Taiwan

                                Wang Nam Yen Witthayakom Secondary School -- Thailand

                                West Illinois University -- the United States

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